Monday, October 1, 2007


Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 has been an extremely interesting course. There was so much information I had absolutely NO idea of it's existence! I had never blogged anything in my life, but found it comforting to sum up all the information I had suddenly learned. I will be able to refer to my blog as a refresher and help me to re-explore all the fun I have experienced. I think I had the most fun with Meez, creating a new look for myself, changing it whenever I wanted.
We have a "43Things to look forward to in the future?! I wonder what excitement awaits for me!! I'll have to check out the website!
Thank you.

Week9 #22

I found that creating an account was the hardest thing to accomplish in both Overdrive Digital Media as well as Netlibrary. Once you are "accountable", the information available to you is endless. In Netlibrary, downloading is best done overnight when the lines of downloading are more accessible since it takes a long time to download an entire book. I have read Dan Brown's DaVinci Code and was curious if that the entire book would be downloaded.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 9 #21

Now that I understand the final goal I can see how important it was to take the steps necessary to arrive at my goal. I was looking for ocean life, but didn't find any that would connect to RSS feedline.
Thanks to my co-worker, for walking me thru the proceedure. I know I can find more news than I'll ever be able to read in one sitting. I can see how adding a library news can keep me up to date with all the information I'll need to know as a CA III. I sure hope that after we are finished this course, I can go back and add all the materials I know I will need for both fun and instructional purposes.

Week 9 #20

At first I thought all the videos and such on YOutube were ridiculous. There were really goofy people just expressing their craziness at first. BUT, the more I explored, the more instructional and fun I found the Youtube! Thanks for making this one of our 23 things to explore. Otherwise, I might never have even thought to look into it!
The "Ketchup in a Bottle Trick" was pretty cool. Having a love for pets, water and nature, "Sailing Chesepeake Bay, kayaking Deer Creek Winter's Run" was a good trip into the outdoors--short, but refreshing.
Exploring the categories can give you just what ever you are looking for iin a library, business, or just plain fun! Just dig with an OPEN mind and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

#19 Discover any site

Wow! I truly had fun checking out the MUSIC site! I searched thru PANDORA and created a station. You have a choice to identify the artist or song. I chose Michael W. Smith (artist) and came up with Michael W. Smith Radio where they played many of his songs. Michael W. Smith is an inspirational singer who sings and composes many, many songs to praise the Lord. He has been doing this "work" for over a decade, with each song better than the one before it.
Theonly problem I had with the site was that I had trouble backing up to the "page" I had previously been on. It took a few attempts to finally get on the Michael W. Smith radio station I preferred. I believe the public will want to find and remain on their stations from opening hours till well into the afternoon hours of the library/their own computers. This would certainly attract many NEW patrons and, with those patrons sharing this wonderful knowledge, they would bring in friends who would learn about this wonderful advancement also! Ithink it would be a positive step for the library setting!


Who would ever think someone would actually name a wiki peanut butter? Too simple to be true--at least it sounds that way!@ They are right, it is easy to "point and click" interface. Using this tool can be fun to play with over and over again, always exploring new avenues. I checked out Sandbox, My 23 Things and Puppetry in Motion, from the listed blogs that seemed to be interesting in their own different ways!

Week #7: #18

Using Google Docs I found how easy it is to use documents like Word on line vs opening MS Word. Each step gets easier and easier. It also helps to have a co-worker who has already finished these steps! I'll be using this at home to write out my home budget on a spread sheet,so that it will look much neater!